HABROS - A Solo Exhibition by Aida
June 5th - 29th / B&B Gallery

Imagining the grand life of a gallant egotistical nabob, HABROS delivers a diverse range of screen printed works, highlighting the peculiar artifacts acquired through various means and adventures. Expect an abundant collection of exotic birds, luxurious items and exuberant bouquets, retracing the extravagant journeys of a master printmaker through time and space.

Born in Iran, Aida arrived in the UK as a political refugee in the early 1980's. Now based in London she produces fine art print editions for her avid audience. Aida’s most recent campaign, 'Print is Power' takes the form of public workshops, most notably held at the 
Victoria & Albert Museum, which successfully demonstrate how, with the right design and message, traditional printmaking can allow anyone to make a large-scale social impact.

* Special Feature *
Responding to Aida's work, Anna Potter (Swallows & Damsons) will create an ephemeral installation exclusively for the show.