Owen Richards (UK), Seiko Kinoshita (JP), Jo Peel (UK), Florence Blanchard (FR), Christopher Jarratt (UK) 

July 1st -  24th / B&B Gallery, Sheffield
Opening times: Saturdays 10am - 4pm / weekdays by appointment
Private View: Friday 1st July / 6-9pm (Please RSVP

After a successful debut at Parades Gallery in Matsumoto, Japan, we are delighted to bring this wonderful group show to a UK audience. Join us for the second instalment of SOMETHING MADE DIFFERENT - a collaborative exhibition of new works by 5 international artists, inspired by Japanese imagery and experiences. 

The juxtaposition of Japan's rich cultural heritage sitting alongside unique social and pioneering technological environments lends itself to diverse responses. Each artist has spent time in various parts of Japan, which has informed their individual take on a country of great contrasts. Photographs, paintings, textiles and mixed media installations will be on view throughout in the B&B gallery space throughout July.  

Summer is here and it is time for SOMETHING MADE DIFFERENT. 

A selection of artworks from this exhibition is available online: 

Owen Richards (UK)

Owen Richards is a London base photographer. Alongside his personal studies and exhibitions, he shoots for a variety of clients and publications including Google, The Financial Times and Rapha. Richards uses his graphic sensibilities to capture the subtle and unnoticed aspects of people, places, objects and everything in-between. Having spent some time shooting in chaotic Japan, Richards demonstrates through his work that tranquility is never far away. The images he presents to us for this exhibition are a group of carefully selected personal observations and reactions to exploring the spaces away from the masses: Photographs from the quiet and immaculate suburbs of Kyoto, the serenity of Kamikochi national park and the narrow streets of Kyojima in Tokyo.

Seiko Kinoshita (JP)

Seiko is a Japanese Artist based in Sheffield. She uses traditional textile techniques to create contemporary artwork and installations. "Positive concepts derived from everyday life and nature influence my work. Nature has always inspired me. Its form, colour, sound, taste, texture excite and sometimes frighten me. I feel there is nothing equal to its magnificent power and pure beauty. The challenge to design alongside the power of nature will continue. I intend to create my works to present a moment of peace to a viewer who lives in our hectic world and to push the boundaries of textiles being perceived as craft".

Jo Peel (UK)

Jo Peel spends her time documenting in great detail her fascination with everyday scenes and scenarios. From abandoned east London construction sites to the streets of Tokyo and Pittsburgh, all are captured in her well observed and uniquely executed style. By drawing, Peel offers her view that these cityscapes are as important to the topographic psyche as the organic beauty of the nature  surrounding them. This is not finding beauty in the dust; this is offering a new language to understand what is beautiful.

Florence Blanchard (FR)

Florence Blanchard is a French painter, muralist and screen-printer based in the UK. Blanchard's work depicts abstract molecular landscapes populated with figurative elements, questioning our ideas of visual perception. Her murals can be seen in America, Australia, Europe and Asia. The largest being a 350sqm painting in Betsukai (別海) Hokkaido, Japan. During her studies at New York University she collaborated with a group of Brooklyn-based Japanese dancers and took part in several breakdance contests. This marked the beginning of a lifelong interest for Japanese aesthetics and culture, prompted her to visit Japan on several occasions. 

Christopher Jarratt (UK)

Christopher’s award winning work has gained international recognition and has been extensively published and exhibited worldwide. Christopher encourages the use of our imagination. As a child we dream up fantastical ideas and stories, looking at objects questioning why things are the way they are. A child can find a slightly bent branch on a woodland walk and turn it into a bow, sword, machine gun, magic wand or drawing implement. As we get older we tend to forget our old friend, imagination.

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Saturdays 10am - 4pm 

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