An exhibition of new works by Jonathan Wilkinson &
Florence Blanchard / October 17th - November 3rd 

B&B are pleased to announce our latest exhibition, a collaboration between Jonathan Wilkinson (UK) and Florence Blanchard (FR) titled INTERSECTION. 

The show celebrates common interests and explores similarities between their studio practices, executed with their own individual style, approach and personality. Wilkinson explains - "We both work from found images and fragments of imagery which depict the modern built environment, as well vehicles and objects that inhabit such a landscape." Blanchard agrees - "Our artworks have independently evolved towards painting dreamy situations inspired by our own experiences, tinted with an uncertainty of what the future holds. INTERSECTION felt like the perfect outlet to bring our individual world's together as a way of creating a broader narrative based on these shared themes." Iconic structures, vehicles and architecture sit alongside animals and abstract forms inhabiting an imagined world, situated somewhere between an American film set and a science-fiction comic book based in suburban Yorkshire. We look forward to seeing you there. 

Thursday October 17th6.30 - 9pm.
95B Mary St. Sheffield. S1 4RT 

For PDF catalogue or more information please contact: [email protected] 

Jonathan Wilkinson (UK) 
After graduated with a Fine Art degree in 2001, Jonathan began working as a graphic designer for a number of years. In 2007, Inspired by the brutalist surroundings of Sheffield’s urban landscape and the looming destruction of the Tinsley Towers, he decided to launch an online shop for his own art, under the banner ‘We Live Here’. He now sells hundreds of original art prints, celebrating brutalist buildings and icons of late, British urban landscapes. Jonathan has also produced special commissioned pieces for The Baltic, RIBA and The National Theatre.  

Florence Blanchard (FR) 
Born and raised in the south of France, Florence emigrated to New York in her early twenties where she was able to immerse herself in the hip-hop culture she'd admired from across the Atlantic. From breakdancing in the Bronx, to painting graffiti productions in Brooklyn and exhibiting artworks in Chelsea, she went 'all city' for over a decade. Now residing on this side of the pond, Florence continues to exhibit her work in galleries across the planet and paint fantastic murals which combine abstract elements with pop culture - such as comics, sci-fi and early 90's East Coast rap. 

An exhibition of new works by Jonathan Wilkinson & Florence Blanchard runs from October 17th - November 3rd / B&B Gallery. 95B Mary St. Sheffield. S1 
* Private View: Thurs Oct 17th 6.30 - 9pm. RSVP. 
Gallery hours: by appointment only. 

B&B is a gallery, screen-print studio and residency programme founded by curators and artists Bradbury & Blanchard. We promote the work of emerging and established contemporary artists through collaborative editions, periodic exhibitions and projects around the world. 



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